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828 U Shotguns



Flush Crio® Chokes & Wrench Crio® choke tubes C, IC, M, IM, F and wrench. Shim Kit The stock drop and cast is user-adjustable. Changing shims using this included kit provides a customized sighting plane to fit your unique physical build and shooting style. Standard Hard Case Standard hard case to protect your firearm. Steel Locking System Benelli's patented steel locking system eliminates wear and tear on the receiver and hinge that cause the traditional O/U's to fail. By incorporating this locking system into an aluminum receiver, we created a stronger, safer, lighter, O/U that perfectly balanced and weighs less than 6.5 pounds. Impulse Activated Ejectors The ejector system in the 828 U is all contained on the the barrel. Pressure activates the ejector when the shell is fired. This innovative design eliminates need for linkages between the trigger group and the forend, resulting in a stronger, more streamlined ejector system.  Removable Trigger Group The compact and removable trigger group makes for easier cleaning and eliminates complicated linkage between the forearm and trigger mechanism, significantly increasing reliability. 

Benelli Expands 828U Over/Under Line

Jordan | January 19, 2020

ACCOKEEK, Md. (January 21, 2020) To the delight of bird hunters, Benelli’s acclaimed 828U is now available in a 20-gauge configuration. The 20-gauge version has been properly scaled around the smaller shotshell. Know for its innovative redesign of the over/under platform, the 12-gauge 828U has been garnering accolades worldwide since 2015 for its exquisite form, flawless function and rock-steady performance in the field and on the range.  Benelli's 828U delivers mandatory point-ability, included custom drop and cast adjustments and the kind of ergonomic feel and balance Benelli users are accustomed to. It is at once both contemporary and beautifully practical, from the smooth body and exquisite checkering to the low-profile carbon fiber rib, no side rib and innovative monoblock treatment.  Functionality and safety of the 828U is a given with an auto-safety, easy-operating opening lever and steel lock-plate opening system. The shotgun’s impulse-driven ejection keeps unfired shells handy. All 828U shotguns are equipped with Crio barrels and Crio chokes, a weight-reducing carbon-fiber rib and a high-grade alloy receiver complimented by fine AA-Grade satin walnut on the stock and forend. Durable steel-on-steel hinges and easy-to-remove trigger system make for easy cleanup.  The patented, recoil-taming Progressive Comfort System, already popular with many Benelli shooters, is nicely integrated into the 828U over/unders to keep muzzle flip to a minimum and provide a more comfortable shooting experience. The new 20-gauge version is available with 26- and 28-inch barrels.   Benelli 828U 20 Gauge Gauge: 20. Barrel Length: 26" and 28"  Weight: 5.9 and 6.0 lbs  Stock/Finish: AA-Grade satin walnut with engraved nickel receiver  Crio® Chokes: C, IC, M, IM, F.  Sights: Fiber-optic front sight with red insert  Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8"  Drop at Heel: 2 1/8"  Drop at Comb: 1 1/2"


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