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What you are leafing through is our new catalog, which I have much pleasure in presenting for your information and enjoyment. At the same time, I would like to extend to you an invitation to visit the Perazzi factory that my father Daniele has founded in 1957 and with the help of me and my sister Roberta has grown and expanded to become renowned throughout the entire world. The shotguns that we create are suitable for every discipline and the needs of each shooter.

We offer a wide variety of guns, including models for hunting and competition, ranging from standard models to deluxe versions. Every morning, we wait your visit with great enthusiasm, along with our gunsmiths, stock makers and other technicians, to assist you in choosing and individually fitting a custom gun which is best suited to your shooting requirements.

The history of Armi Perazzi is the history of Daniele Perazzi, a poor but doggedly determined young man who chased the myth of a perfect gun and dreamt about becoming a gunsmith. At 16 he fi nally got a job in a large company proving his natural born talent and patenting one of his models. It is the fi rst of a long series of guns, produced since the 1950’s , that bears his name. In 1957 at the age of 25, Daniele Perazzi founded Armi Perazzi and established his own factory where he has worked every day, together with his son Mauro and his daugther Roberta, until his death.

From the beginning Perazzi shooters achieved considerable success and the name and reputation of Perazzi became established and widely known. For 50 years Perazzi have built prestigious game and competition guns that are a fusion between traditional gunsmithing, high technology and the selection of excellent raw materials. The perfect balance and handling and the innovations that have been made during this time have resulted in a gun suitable for every discipline and made the company a world leader in clay shooting.


The letter X marks something which is indefinite and unknown, but potentially concrete. X indicates that "something more" which we are able to identify, and assign value to, only when it comes within our perception.

The new High Tech X Model is the result of long studies on how to combine design and performance.  The X pays homage to the glorious tradition of the MX series but revolutionizes conventional aesthetics by offering a design solution that makes this gun truly innovative and contemporary.

X not only breaks the targets but also breaks all design traditions with its never before seen finish on a shotgun.

The gun features several textural contrasts. The external sides of the receiver display a very fine checkering with the High Tech polished embossed logo.  In addition, the polished letter "P" on the top lever also stands out on a checkered background.  To continue this stylistic theme, the double X with the same checkered pattern engraved on the bottom of the receiver with polished outlines give the gun an absolutely stunning visual impact and an aggressive and elegant look that is consistent with Perazzi's best tradition.

The gun looks and feels just perfect.  Judging by the unprecedented response of the market, this gun, like all other versions of the High Tech range, truly does have the "X-Factor.”


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