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Fratelli Piotti, italian fine art guns makers, are pleased to welcome you on our brand new webpage. This website is fully available in english. Fell free to visit our product galleries and the pages dedicated to our workshop and working processes, where excellence comes true.

Our workshop is the expression of 50 years of history of an italian family.

The tradition of italian gunmaking reaches hear the top, in the daily work of a passionate group of  craftsmen.

This story began in the early sixties, when the founders Araldo and Faustino Piotti were building their first signature shotguns, spending many hours at the workbench. Since those early years has been continous changes in the production processes until they reach perfection. A continous evolution, capable to join classic and innovation in an unmistakable style.

Today Piotti’s workshop is a family company,  14 people for a very small production. The four of us Piotti Brothers, Manuel, Fabio, Sergio and Rudy, are interpretating tradition and present becoming a guidelight for all the fine art guns lovers.

We are a company where high technology and manual craftmanship come together in the daily work at the bench.

Our shotguns are mechanical and aesthetic masterpieces, perfect sport guns or unique pieces for collectors, full of history and sensations. 100% Made in Italy.

An exclusive passion for perfection and excellence crosses the generations to become the true soul of each Piotti’s shotgun.

We produce a complete range of shotguns, able to satisfy the taste of each single passionate hunter or collector. We are the only producers in the world offering such a wide range of models, compared to the extreme small numerical amout of our production of few dozens of pieces yearly.

Unique, exclusive. Just perfect.

For each collector a “Piotti” is a dream coming true. With the finest mechanic and an amazing finishing touch, each “Piotti” is the perfect match between centuries of history and a manual know-how, perfectly expressed on each small detail.


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