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AYA N°2 Holland & Holland


The AYA R Demiblock Express Rifle is a distinguished and exclusive weapon , especially designed for big game and safari lovers who only settle for having the best weapons in their hands.


CAL. 8X57 JRS 



  • Forged steel action
  • Double trigger
  • Chopper lump steel barrels
  • Pistol Grip with cheeck Piece
  • Hard soldered barrels.
  • Calibers avalaible to order


34.500,00 € Normale prijs
17.250,00 €Verkoopprijs

    • Side by Side hammerless sidelock shotgun.
    • Forged steel action with double locking mechanism and gas vents.
    • Hardened steel intercepting safety sears.
    • Gold lined cocking indicators.
    • Double trigger with hinged front trigger.
    • Optional selective or non-selective single trigger.
    • Chopper lump forged steel barrels.
    • Concave rib.
    • Straight hand, finely chequered oil finished walnut stock.
    • Nº 1 grade wood.
    • Bold foliate laser engraving, finished by hand
    • Initial Oval.
    • Automatic safety.
    • Old silver finish.
    • 12, 16, 20, 28 & .410 bore.
    • 28″ barrels, with other barrels lengths to order.
    • Approximate weight in 12 bore – 6 ¾ lbs.


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