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Super Vinci Black


The Vinci is continuing to evolve. The latest step in that process is this new SuperVinci 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun with a 89 mm Super Magnum chamber, a weapon dedicated to long range shooting and hunting larger game. This new shotgun features Free Floating barrel technology for more accurate shooting and greater stability on firing. The new ComforTech Plus stock significantly reduces recoil, vibration and muzzle climb, permits rapid re-aiming, and offers superb performance even to hunters used to heavier shot charges. The trigger guard is specially designed to improve grip and trigger action, and to ensure a safe and comfortable hold even with high power ammunition. A wide range of standard accessories makes the SuperVinci a particularly versatile shotgun.


BENELLI Super Vinci Black

2.109,00 €Prijs
  • Technical details

    Gauge: Ga 12-3.5"
    Stock and fore-end: Technopolymer
    Recoil pad: Interchangeable anatomic AirCell polyurethane
    Chamber: 89 Supermagnum
    Mechanics: Vinci Inertia System
    Receiver: Technopolymer
    Comb: Interchangeable anatomic elastomer
    Stock length trigger measured / deviation: 365 mm / LH and RH adjustments
    Drop at comb: 39 mm
    Drop at heel: 60 mm, adjustable to 50-55-65
    Weight: 3,150 g. approx. with 28" barrel and Comfortech Plus stock
    Magazine: 2 round 12/89, 3 round 12/76 and 12/70
    Safety: Front transverse with red ready to shoot signal
    Trigger guard: Technopolymer
    Trigger: Removable trigger unit; release force from 22 to 28 N; manual, transverse, reversible safety; automatic anti-repeat device, automatic locking device to prevent firing unless the bolt is fully retracted; magazine cutoff
    Sight: Fluorescent red high-sight and mid front sight


    Technologies used by this shotgun: In-Line Inertia Driven System, Comfortech Plus, Free Floating Barrel


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