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A truly national pride, the legendary B25

Fabrique National Herstal 


Special chasse B25  - sideplate D5 engraving  

cal. 12 - 76 cm - 30"  barrels 

chokes 1/2 & 3/4 


truly 3 - pieces for end, a fine schnabel model

D5G engraving done by the Master engraver R. Capece

Checkered buttstock including 2 mechanical buttstock screws

full traditional rib, a small 6mm wide and by hand engraved, not ventilated beautifull rib

semi pistol grip stock with a length of 385mm 


year of manufacture in Belgium, Liège 1978.

Fabrique National B25

27.350,00 € Normale prijs
21.880,00 €Verkoopprijs

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