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The Gun Safe ENTAC ED23 is an exceptional choice for gun owners who value security and organization. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel and features a pry-resistant door, making it nearly impenetrable. With a capacity of up to 23 long guns, the ED23 includes adjustable shelving and a door organizer to ensure all firearms and accessories are kept securely in place. Additionally, the safe is equipped with a touch-pad electronic lock, providing quick and easy access while keeping unauthorized individuals out. The Gun Safe ENTAC ED23 is the ultimate solution for protecting your firearms and keeping them organized.


• Gemaakt van 3 mm dik DD12 staal
• Zeven 25 mm dikke grendelbouten
• Slot met dubbelbaardige sleutel
• Draaigrendel met drie armen

De Infac Executive CLTT23 wapenkluis is van binnen volledig bekleed om beschadigingen aan uw geweren tegen te gaan.


1.090,00 €Prijs
  • Infac ED23

    Aantal wapens: 23

    Interne kluis: Ja


    • Hoogte: 1500 mm
    • Breedte: 750 mm
    • Diepte: 450 mm

    Afmeting interne kluis:

    • Hoogte: 200 mm
    • Breedte: 745 mm
    • Diepte: 235 mm

    Hoogte onder interne kluis: 1280 mm

    Aantal legplanken: 3

    Gewicht: 165 kg

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