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The LORD 5 GUNSAFE is the ultimate security solution for gun enthusiasts. This safe is equipped with a high-tech trezor locking mechanism, which ensures that your firearms are protected at all times. With its rugged construction and ample storage space, this safe can accommodate up to five guns, making it perfect for both personal and professional use. Whether you're a hunter, a collector, or just want to keep your firearms safe and secure, the LORD 5 GUNSAFE is the perfect choice. So why wait? Order yours today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your guns are always secure.


9.000,00 €Prijs
  • Dimensions and Weight

    • External D. (H x W x D): 1880 x 1010 x 770 mm • Internal D. (H x W x D): 1620 x 750 x 440 mm • Weight: ca 650 kg
    • Max. weapon length:

    - 1300 mm with ammo box
    - 1500 mm without ammo box

    Standard Features

    • Gun capacity up to 7 long rifles
    • Grade N/0 in acc. with EN 1143-1
    • Bullet-proof glazing in acc. with EN 1063 • VdS II. High-Security key lock as standard • Solid European Oak Wood Cover
    • Upholstered interior with Green Carpit
    • Interior LED lights with remote controller • Shiny chrome-plated locking bolts

  • Solid wood exterior

    - Cherry € 4.500
    - Walnut € 7.500

    Solid wood exterior combined with veneer inlays € 9.750

    Upholstered leather interior  € 4.500

    Quilted back-plates and door cover € 4.500

    Fine natural Leather Collection € 4.500

    Electronic Alarm Glass - Intruder Detection System (IDS)  € 6.000

    Intelligent Active Glass Surface € 5.000

    Handcarved wood sculptures € 6.000

    24/7 Monitoring alarm system € 1.200

    Precision Watch winder € 750