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The MARLIN 336 CB 30-30 OCTAGON is a classic lever-action rifle perfect for hitting the open range. Featuring an American black walnut stock and a 24” tapered octagon barrel, this rifle embodies the traditional American hunting rifle. The precision-tuned receiver ensures smooth and reliable performance with every shot, and the Ballard-style rifling guarantees accuracy. Chambered for 30-30 ammunition, this rifle is a versatile and timeless choice for any hunter or shooting enthusiast. Whether you’re out on the trail or at the range, the MARLIN 336 CB is a legendary choice.


When you’re ready to hit the trail reach for this open range legend. True to its heritage with an American black walnut stock and a 24” or 60cm tapered octagon barrel, and built with a precision-tuned receiver. Includes Ballard-style rifling and is chambered for 30-30.


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