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Steel Frame double-stack 1911


Para Ordnance History

Founded by childhood friends Thanos Polyzos and Ted Szabo, Para Ordnance is based in Ontario, Canada. Since 1985 this company has manufactured a wide range of firearms, including their very first products, submachine gun paintball guns. One of best-known products is the high magazine capacity M1911-style pistol. With a true double stacking magazine, this 1911 is popular with law enforcement, competitive, concealed carry and self-defense shooters.

Even more groundbreaking was the development of the 1911-style double action only semi automatic pistol. The relatively small and lightweight pistols addressed the liability issues surrounding single actions and contributed to the radical shift of law enforcement agencies from away from revolvers towards semi automatic pistols during the 1980s and 90s.

Para Ordnance Today

Para Ordnance made a name for itself with innovative designs that altered the course of firearms history. Today they compete with other renowned pistol manufacturers like Kimber and Smith & Wesson. Now that you've read up on Para Ordnance you can take a look at the Para Ordnance pistols, parts and accessories for sale at If you don't see exactly what you're looking for make sure you check again later - our auction listings change every day.

PARA ORDANCE P12 .45 ACP limited

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