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Talking about high-end competition guns is talking about Walther products.
After the very successful models „Black Diamond“ and „Black Tie", the Ulm based company continues the success story of the Q5 Match Steel Frame and stakes new claims towards highest sportiness with its "Black Ribbon" pistol.


The youngest member of the pistol family is wrapped in a touch of black. It was born with the approval for the IPSC Standard Division. Besides, after removing the anodized low-profile magazine funnel, this 9 millimeter pistol can also be is a winner in the production class. The "Black Ribbon" offers the shooter a wide range of flexibility as soon as the case is opened: three 18-round magazines, fiber optic front sight plus shaded, click-adjustable rear sight and it is optics ready. Three mounting plates are included to allow the installation of a variety of popular red dot sights.


Walther's Steel-Frame series took the shooting community by storm. Our prime example of German engineering unleashes undreamt-of reserves even under the toughest conditions at the range. The Walther Steel Frame seems to always ask for more, never reaching its built in reserves. Now: here is the IPSC model in black. Walther went one better and gave this beauty an Extended Magazine Release. The enlarged magazine release protrudes clearly, is easy to reach and uses a heavier spring. It holds the mag in place, for instance, when the stage begins from a sitting position with the pistol lying flat down on a table.
The slim aluminum grip enhances the particularly attractive appearance even more. Its checkering makes it feel like a glove. Also made from aluminum: Walther's Dynamic Performance Trigger. Its attributes: trigger safety, aluminum trigger blade with flat finger rest and hook-shaped runout, shortened take-up, short over-travel, shorter reset, optimized sear engagement and unbelievably crisp trigger action. BTW: This performance trigger is downward compatible and can be retrofitted in other models. Sold separately, the cost of the Dynamic Performance Trigger would be 279 Euro, which makes the Black Ribbon even more attractive. Extremely much Walther per Euro. The icing on the cake: the markings on the gun are in dark shades. – Walther Q5 SF Black Ribbon. The name says it all.

WALTHER PPQ Q5 Match Steel Frame Black Ribbon

2.455,00 € Normale prijs
2.220,00 €Verkoopprijs
  • Same design as the Q5 Match Steel Frame Champion, but completely in black and with aluminium grip panels. Further features: Optimised sear engagement. Dynamic Performance Trigger. Two 18-round magazines.

     Technical data:

    • System: Semi-automatic
    • Caliber: 9mm x 19
    • Magazine capacity: 18 shots
    • Safety: 3 automatic safeties
    • Grip: Steel Frame Full-Length Picatinny Dust Cover, Beaver Tail and wrap around textured aluminum grips..
    • Trigger: Quick Defense Trigger, pre-cocked
    • Trigger Weight: 2.500 g
    • Length between and backstrap: 72 mm
    • Distance from center of barrel to shooting hand: 25 mm
    • Sights: Adjustable sights, black, serrated, red fiber optic front sight
    • Sight length: 181 mm
    • Barrel: Polygonal rifling, 250 mm twist rate, RH twist
    • Barrel length: 127 mm
    • Dimensions (L/H/W): 220/137/39 mm
    • Weight: 1.260 g
    • Special features: Steel recoil guide rod. 2 magazines included.
    • Packaging: Polymer case

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