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308 WIN


Long range rifles are not a fad. They are a response to the demands of modern hunting. And they are more relevant now that bullet design technologies have made hunting bullets more effective at longer ranges. The X-Bolt Stalker Long Range is no ordinary rifle. It is specially configured as a Limited Production Rifle to offer the serious hunter long range accuracy features that can take the X-Bolts commonly-achieved minute of angle accuracy and move it on out beyond 200 yards to 300 yards and farther. Is this rifle capable of ringing steel at 1000 yards? Certainly! And that kind of accuracy gives you total confidence at hunting ranges.

Muzzle brake. Long barrel. Yes. These key features are important to a long range hunting gun. Recoil is one of the enemy’s of accuracy. It affects how you feel and shoot. Since you need a gun with a weight that is easy to hunt with you can’t just add weight to cut recoil. The muzzle brake does this for you. And the longer barrel gives you the maximum velocity from the loads you choose to shoot. Giving you flatter trajectories down range. It all adds up. Not to mention the 60 degree bolt that allows the mounting of fine optics without making it difficult to work the action. And the action is the super tight X-Bolt design with our reliable rotary magazine system. This is a limited production rifle and shipments are limited. But we do have a shipment for this season. Check with your dealer. If he does not have one have him check with our sales department immediately. You really can have one of the rifles in just a few days. Good luck.


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